Fight off Coronavirus with Vitamin D!

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) increasingly impacts our nation and its citizens, a race for prevention, treatment, and cure accelerates. Although it will likely be weeks to months before any promising management of the Coronavirus is confirmed, scientists and researchers look to the foundations of immunity along with old medications that may play a pivotal role in fighting this pandemic.

Recently, Former CDC Chief, Dr. Tom Frieden spoke of the potential Vitamin D supplementation may have for warding off Coronavirus. (See article here). Although no scientific data is available yet, many of the past studies and success Vitamin D supplementation has shown could strongly carry over into similar possible success outcomes against the Coronavirus. At ThinfastMD Signature, we have provided Vitamin D shots or injections to our patients for a long time. Majority of the patients this has been for have been for traditional Vitamin D deficiency. It is no surprise that here in the Midwest majority of our population suffers from low Vitamin D levels, much attributed to the low amount of sun exposure people have. Additionally, we have noticed this to be even more evident in our overweight or obese patients.

Vitamin D supplementation is greatly needed in general. A fantastic outline of the benefits of Vitamin D can be viewed here! As our nation's experts fight to find a vaccine and definitive management for the growing pandemic caused by the Coronavirus, we at ThinfastMD urge all our patients to do their best in taking preventative measures to avoid infection. Washing your hands, social distancing, restricting travel, and all the other advice given by the CDC should be standard by now. However getting a hold of your health, weight, and immune system will further prevent your body from an infection manifesting if you are exposed!

Stay safe and healthy!

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