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ThinfastMD currently has 10 locations throughout Illinois. The newest locations, called ThinfastMD Signature, are a Concierge Wellness Clinic specialized in Medical Weight Loss, Men's Health, Vitamin Injections, and Facial Aesthetics. Our detailed, thorough, and expert care focuses on tailoring custom treatments for each individual. With unlimited and extended visits, home delivery, telemedicine, affordable packages, and the most innovative care, our Signature locations go a step further to provide our patients with a higher level of care and wellness!

Individualized Approach

Every person's story, background, lifestyle and health are different. 

Providing custom, individualized plans to tackle your health and concerns are at the top of our priority.  

Concierge Wellness

Our members are provided with exceptional care. From extended appointment times, experienced providers, and home delivered products, ThinfastMD Signature truly provides a unique experience


Over the decades we have not only mastered Medical Weight Loss with Appetite Suppressants, Prescription Meal Replacement, and Nutritional Counseling, but have also developed a strong interest for overall Wellness. Our team is passionate about diving deep into each of our member's health and lifestyle in order to best address their overall well-being. From Vitamin and Metabolism Boosting Injections, Toxins and Filler, Testosterone Replacement, Erectile Dysfunction, and much more, we truly believe in a comprehensive approach to your Health and Well-being!


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